Transportation and Engineering

The Bureau of Transportation and Engineering works to engineer and maintain a high quality City-wide infrastructure, including:

  • Roadways
  • Bridges
  • Walls
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Ancillary structures

The Bureau of Transportation and Engineering is divided into five divisions:

  • Executive
  • Engineering
  • Traffic Operations
  • Construction Services
  • Architecture



DPW Executive Division Graphic

The role of the executive division is to provide effective leadership and management of Bureau’s personnel and resources in the engineering, construction, and operation of the City’s physical infrastructure. Its functions and duties include:

  • Planning and Urban Design Support.
  • Inter-agency and Departmental Liaison.
  • Policy Guidance including priorities and performance measures.
  • Project Management Support/Quality Control.
  • Art Commission Coordination.
  • Project funding and political commitment.
  • Human Resource Administration
    • Including IT support.


DPW Engineeering Graphic

The role of the Engineering division is to ensure the structural and operational integrity of the City’s public Rights of Ways by engineering safe, affordable, functional, attractive, multimodal, and responsive infrastructure projects in a timely and proficient manner. These projects include:

  • Roadways
  • Bridges
  • Retaining walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Steps
  • Trails
  • Ancillary structures

Its functions and duties include:

  • Managing an annual Infrastructure needs assessment and Four Year Capital Improvement Program.
  • Project management of multi-disciplined consultant teams involved in large municipal projects.
  • Bridge inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Engineer designs for smaller municipal projects including slide remediation.
  • Preparation of construction bid documents.
  • Construction project management.
  • Oversee the City’s annual resurfacing program.
  • Outside agency project liaison and coordination

Traffic Operations

DPW Traffic Operations Graphic

The role of Operations is to provide for the safe, efficient, and contextually sensitive movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles along the City’s streets. Its functions and duties include:

  • Traffic Studies including stop sign and signal warrants.
  • Respond to Mayor’s 311 requests.
  • Overseeing Permits including traffic management for construction and special events, road closures, and land obstructions.
  • Traffic Control responsibilities:
    • Intersection investigations
    • Signal design and maintenance.
    • Intelligent transportation systems.
  • Street Management including:
    • Parking investigations and designs
    • Signs and pavement marking work orders
  • Multimodal Systems Investigations and Designs including:
    • Pedestrian/ADA requirements
    • Bicycle accommodations
    • Transit facilities
    • Traffic calming
  • Development Reviews of traffic impacts and mitigation recommendations.

Construction Services

The role of Construction Services is to provide timely and proficient survey, inspection, drafting, and archiving services in support of the Bureau’s engineering and construction projects. Its functions and duties include:

  • Field surveying and research
  • Archive management
  • Project inspection
  • Drafting services


The role of the Architecture division is to ensure the integrity of the City's facilities including its buildings and recreational assets. By designing safe, affordable, functional, attractive, and responsive facilities the division maintains a high standard of excellence. Its functions and duties include:

  • Manage annual facility needs assessment and Capital Budgets
  • Management of multidisciplinary projects
  • Management of public/private/multi-agency partnerships
  • Facility inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Design of municipal projects
  • Preparation of construction bid documents
  • Construction project management

Contact Information

Patrick Hassett, Assistant Director
Bureau of Transportation and Engineering
Department of Public Works
Room 301 City-County Building
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-255-2883
Fax: 412-255-8847
Email: pat.hassett@city.pittsburgh.pa.us