Drawing Submittal Requirements


First Submission:

  • Transmittal Coversheet
  • One 24”x36” and one 11”x17” set of plans
    • See Plan Requirements.
  • Survey information on an external medium
    • See Survey Information.

Subsequent Submissions:

  • Transmittal coversheet
  • One 24”x36” set of plans.
  • One 11”x17” set of plans.
  • Plan check comments from previous submission
  • Title sheet on mylar
    • Submitted after all comments have been addressed.

Signed Plan Submission:

  • Transmittal coversheet
  • One 24”x36” set of signed plans, with each page initialized by City official
  • Signed plans in .pdf format, on an external medium

As-Built Plan Submission (provided post-construction):

  • Transmittal coversheet
  • One 24”x36” set of as-built plans

Plan Requirements

Title Sheet and Note Sheet, with the following:

  • o Abbreviation list
  • o City Signature Block (must be on title sheet)
  • o Construction Notes as appropriate for project
  • o Declaration of Responsible Charge statement (as provided below)
  • o Legend
  • o Sheet Index

Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT) plan:

  • Existing conditions
  • Appropriate details for handicap ramps, curbs, sidewalks, etc.
  • Traffic Signal Plans, if applicable, at 1"=20' scale
  • North Arrow, oriented "up" and/or to the left
  • Location map with Census Tract Number
  • Centerline stationing of streets
  • Right-of-way limits
  • Profiles are required for new curb lines
  • Centerline profiles are required for repaving, reconstruction, and new streets
  • Typical sections
  • Street cross-sections at 25 foot intervals
  • Use of standard engineering units and scales of 1"=10', 1"=20', etc.

Other Documents:

  • Contours on grading plans
  • Existing and proposed spot elevations, adequately showing drainage

A block for DPW reviewers’ initials and dates, to be located near the title block, appearing on all sheets that follow the cover sheet; see sample.